Why buy UNIK?

///Why buy UNIK?
Why buy UNIK? 2019-07-31T12:36:32+00:00

Here at UNIK we pride ourselves on providing better products, better value and a better service. Since our incorporation, here at UNIK, we have worked tirelessly to improve every aspect of our business to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Better products

With UNIK products we have taken existing concepts and improved upon them. In China there is a renowned culture of improvement in taking a product manufactured elsewhere and improving it in design, functionality or quality, consequently, this led to the incarnation of UNIK, as with UNIK products you get the Same, Only Better!

Better value

UNIK products are loosely based on pre-existing products, thus allowing us to reduce costs in both design and manufacturing. The result of this process, allows us to offer the customer better overall value on all our products from vape pens to coils and accessories.

Better service

Customer Service and Satisfaction is at the heart of UNIK and forms our core values. Here at UNIK, we have set up not only a UK distribution centre but numerous international distribution centres, allowing us to fulfil enquiries and orders in real time without delay regardless of where you are. Customer Satisfaction also comes with the added knowledge of having an extended warranty and UK based Repair Centre.