UNIK eGo CE4 E-Cigarette Starter Kit


  • Superb vaping performance
  • Excellent value for money
  • 60 day extended warranty

There’s no cheaper way to start vaping than with the ever popular eGo CE4 e-cigarette starter kit.

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Product Details for the UNIK eGo CE4 e-Cig Starter Kit

There’s no cheaper way to trade in the cigarettes and start vaping than with the ever popular UNIK eGo CE4 e-cigarette starter kit. Used by the millions across the UK and all around the world, the CE4 vape pen is both simple to use and very cost effective.

Additionally, once it’s had it’s day, the ever affordable kit is kind on your pocket when it’s time for a replacement. The eGo CE4 clearomizers are also incredibly well priced and usually come in packs of 5. The battery is rechargeable and works on a single push button operation system.

Basic features for the eGo CE4 starter kit include:

  • Refillable clearomizer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LED light button
  • Holds up to 1.6ml of e-liquid
  • Single button operation
  • Very cheap to replace

If you’re looking for the most cost effective way to use vaping instead of cigarettes, there’s no better vape pen than the UNIK eGo CE4 e-cig starter kit. Colours include red, black, silver and blue. Buy today for fast UK delivery.


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