iJoy iArt vape pen Starter Kit


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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Light up gem power button

There’s no cheaper way to start vaping than with the iJoy iArt e-cigarette starter kit.

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iJoy iArt all in one Kit

When you’re ready to take your hookah on the road, it’s time to try the IJOY iArt e-hookah. Featuring a hookah-style mouthpiece and a massive 7ml e-liquid capacity, the iArt e-cig is designed around the idea of elegance. The iArt starter kit is powered by a 280mAh battery with a light up gem tip. The is fully automatic, meaning there are no buttons to push; to operate, just inhale.

The IJOY iArt Starter Kit includes:

  • 2x 280mAh batteries,
  • 2x cartomizers,
  • iArt tank,
  • USB charging cable,
  • Instruction manual.

All shipped in a stylish box with foam liner.

*PLEASE NOTE* After filling the cartridge with e-liquid, let it stand for 5 mins to prime the coil or you will burn the coil and receive a burnt taste.


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