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Pod Salt E-Liquids

Pod Salt is a UK made premium e-liquid also known as nic salts. Pod Salt replicate the Nicotine Salts found naturally in tobacco leaves, to produce a perfectly smooth experience with minimal throat irritation. The pro’s for using the nic salt e-liquid is that the nicotine is absorbed into the body much faster, therefore providing a greater satisfaction than traditional e-liquids.
Pod Salts comes in the original range of flavours below from fruity to tobacco depending on your tastes. Also available are the range of collaborations with other e-liquid manufactures such as Jammin, Candy Rush and Cali Greens. Consequently, creating a great all round range for nic salt E-Liquids. These Nic Salts are designed to be used in a mouth to lung vaporizer such as the UNIK Podix.

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