• New research shows flavoured e-liquids better at helping people quit

New research shows flavoured e-liquids better at helping people quit

More great news for vapers in the US and consequently the UK. New research has shown that flavoured e-liquids better at helping people quit smoking. A large study of vaping and e-liquids was conducted by the American Harm Reduction Journal. The study covered ‘20,836 adult frequent vapers’ and is one of the biggest of its kind ever conducted.

The findings of the study conclusively show that 76.4 percent of participants were more successful at quitting smoking because they were able to vape a flavour they enjoyed.

“Of the 20,836 adult frequent vapers, nearly 16,000 had completely switched,”

—Harm Reduction Journal

As a result, it is less likely that new regulations will ever attempt to remove the thousands of flavours from the e-liquid market. What’s more, it is now clear that restricting access to flavoured e-liquids is counter-intuitive in the fight against quitting smoking.

The table data shows the classification of 20,836 US adult frequent e-cigarette users into six Tobacco Use Pathway Groups (TUPs).

Num. TUP group N % of total sample % of frequent EC users
1 Switchers 15,807 70.5 75.9
2 Dual users of cigarettes and e-cigarettes 1330 5.9 6.4
3 Former smoker-turned-dual users 129 0.6 0.6
4 Former-smoker e-cigarette users 2483 11.1 11.9
5 Never-smoker-turned-dual users 31 0.1 0.1
6 Never-smoker e-cigarette users 1056 4.7 5.1

Types of flavoured e-liquids and popularity

In over 5 years i’ve only ever once had a request for flavourless e-liquid from a customer. Flavoured e-liquids are what keep people interested in vaping and by proxy, off the cigarettes. The research also shows that at least 33% of all e-liquid purchased in the US are fruit flavoured.

Additionally, Tobacco and Menthol flavours are now much less popular than they were a few years ago. More popular than ever are dessert / pastry style e-liquid flavours followed closely by fruit flavours.

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