• ASH reveals people vaping in the UK now exceeds the 3 million mark

ASH reveals people vaping in the UK now exceeds the 3 million mark

Great news for vaping has arrived with the UK now seeing an estimated 3.2 million people making the switch from cigarettes. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) have recently has a survey on 12,000 UK adults conducted for them by polling agency YouGov.

The survey also found that of the current people vaping in the UK, over half have been able to quit smoking and at least 40% are current smokers who are trying to quit.

ASH recently released this quote on vaping

“UK policy is on the right track with thousands of smokers making the switch to vaping and improving their health and little sign of non-smokers taking up vaping. But even more smokers could benefit if e-cigarettes were licensed as medicines and available on prescription.”

—Deborah Arnott, ASH Chief Executive

Whilst all trends end up plateauing, e-cigarette use has increased fourfold since 2012. With 7 million smokers left in the UK there’s still plenty of scope left for more increases. Most notably, the survey also revealed there is still a wealth of ignorance about vaping with the general public.

In the video Deborah Arnott discusses ASH

“The continued false belief among some smokers that vaping is as bad as smoking is worrying. Campaigns from Public Health England and others to challenge these views are important and must continue.”

—Dr Leonie Brose, King’s College London

What we need now are continued education drives. We must ensure the public understand the benefits and decreased risks associated with enjoying an e-cigarette. Only then will smoking numbers decrease.

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